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Due to the massive amount of oral health risks associated with oral emergencies, it is important to have prevention plans in place for whatever may arise. Whether you are suffering from toothaches, have teeth chipped or cracked, have teeth knocked out or an object stuck between teeth, it is important to have prevention plans in place to help assist with your oral health as much as possible until professional care can be given.

In situations where you suffer a lost dental filling, as a temporary measure, place a piece of sugarless chewing gum or dental cement directly on the vulnerable area. This will help keep it safe from any further pain or damage that can arise until further care can be given. In situations where you lose a dental crown, apply a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil over the top of a sensitive area. Collect the dental crown and visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Exercise caution with any objects that are stuck between teeth. Although this may not always be a big deal, if you try to remove the stuck object with a pin or sharp object, it can lead to dental damage in the form of lacerated gums or tooth enamel damage. Instead, try to dislodge the object with a dental floss or another safe interdental cleaning tool. With the proper care, the object can be removed without damaging your teeth and gums.

In situations where you have chipped or broken teeth, it is important to rinse out your mouth of any debris that may be present. Furthermore, apply gauze to the area if you are bleeding. If you continue to bleed for over ten minutes, visit your doctor or an emergency room.

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